Friday, August 28, 2009

Today on TimTeblog: Thamel Does Work

Today on, I am dissecting a double-shot of terrific work from Pete Thamel.

The New York Times writer -- for my money, the best college football reporter in the country -- has a feature on Tim Tebow's philanthropic efforts (the most extensive I have read anywhere) plus a huge Q&A that supported the story (but contains a lot more, including affirmation of my Patriots-will-draft-Tebow theory).

You will also find a follow-up to yesterday's piece about "How to Stop Tebow," highlighting Yahoo's Matt Hinton building on the point. (The key: Control the clock. Not as easy as in '07.)

And I try to deliver a "last word" about the ill-fated (but widely publicized) minor-league baseball "What Would Tebow Do?" Night.

I will leave you with a typically blunt Urban Meyer quote from Thamel's piece:

"Tim has come at the right time. I'm a father, and I want to give my kids something positive to watch. I think that's why Tim is the phenomenon that he is. Enough about steroids and Michael Vick; let's talk about Tim Tebow."

-- D.S.

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