Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 08/23 (Very) Quickie

Morning plan: Watching Spurs at a nearby bar that is a NYC home of Tottenham fans. If it's going to happen ANY time, this would be the moment, wouldn't it?

NFL: You go, Jay Cutler... Do the Dolphins have a swine flu epidemic?... Josh McDaniels is going to be feeling the heat this week... Not a great game for Matt Stafford... Let the "Chase Daniel" bandwagon begin in DC...

If Rockies-Giants was Phillies-Mets, the NL Wild Card would be the lead sports story every night. Great win for the Rox last night.

Charlie Haeger! If you love the knuckleballers, this was a big moment.

Red Sox finally punish the Yankees -- will this turn their final six weeks around?

Big win for the Rays (Pena: 2 HR) in a WC-level match-up with Texas.

Indiana to put Bob Knight into its Hall of Fame: I am not a Knight fan and his ending at IU was not pretty, but this is appropriate.

Tim Tebow may have minor back issues (expect the NFL draftniks to hop all over that in about 5 months), but Urban insists it's no biggie and he will be at full strength tomorrow. So no worries.

-- D.S.

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