Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today on TimTeblog: Why Do Fans Have An Allergy To Certain "Best Ever" Arguments?

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*Why are people so resistant to "Best Ever" label?

This post above is actually kind of a fascinating topic, and I'd love your take on it. Forget the "too premature!" argument for a sec; are fans allergic to "best ever" after this decade of hyper-instant history? Michael Jordan was 11 years ago, folks.

Sure, you're willing to say it about Phelps and Bolt -- even Federer -- but you don't really care about those sports. What about college football? What about baseball, where in Albert Pujols we might just be watching the greatest player of all time?

*Kirk Herbstreit isn't fazed by the "best ever" talk.

*This is the best visual summary of Tebow I have ever seen.

*Sporting Blog on Tebow (NOT by me)

*Tebow's back is fine. His shoulder is fine. Keep walkin'.

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Chris Savory said...

I think there's less fan resistance to the concept of 'best ever' with the likes of Bolt, Phelps & Federer because those are individual sports where it's easier to measure greatness, not because people care less about them; fans can look at those guys and see exactly what they accomplished, in terms of titles, records etc, without having to factor in the teams they had around them. How much of what someone like Tim Tebow has achieved can be attributed to his receivers, or his OL, or the plays run by his coach? Same with the LeBrons and Bradys of this world. So much of the greatness that we bestow on players of team sports comes from watching them and knowing instinctively that they exist at a level above their contemporaries - that makes it much harder to compare them across eras, particularly when we may not have had the same experience of watching the sportsmen/women we're comparing them to.