Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today on TimTeblog:
Best Ever Talk, Plus How To Stop Tebow

So this morning kicked off with me playing off SN's magazine cover story by Tebow about Tebow -- yes, I talked about the "Best Ever" discussion, but on TimTeblog, I went into Tebow's essay to explain why the reasons he came back -- "platform" and "history" -- are intrinsically tied together.

Then Stewart Mandel published a statistical analysis of why Tebow will likely end his college career as the greatest player ever. My reaction post highlighted that "Greatest Ever" is not simply stats -- and even winning titles. There is a certain mythic quality we like in our GOATs.

Finally, I break down a terrific "How To Stop Tebow" column (by Andy Staples), which goes into the final play of the Ole Miss game. Ultimately, I think that was a fluke. (Not a fluke? Auburn's win in 2007, masterminded by Will Muschamp, now defensive coordinator of Texas. And so I build on Andy's column by signaling to cue ominous foreshadowing for the national-title match-up between Florida and Texas...)

Plus smaller two bonus posts:
*NFL Draft: Jags based on emotion vs. Pats based on analysis.
*Minor-league "Tim Tebow Night" cancelled!

Not bad for the Thursday 10 days before the first game...

This whole "Is Tebow the Greatest Ever?" meme is only going to become more of a thing. I promise I will (mostly) keep my Tebow comments to, and not put it on -- except when I'm promoting TimTeblog posts, apparently...

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

As you make your comments on Vick, just be mindful of one thing... eagles fans have always been and forever will be, irrational. I have appreciated and looked forward to your outlook on the sports world for a couple years and I think your concept of concise and "to the point" sports coverage trancends (sp?) web coverage, but I want to make sure you understand that philly phans will always and forever follow the team above any player, no matter how many world series the phillies win (which i hope and think is three in a row)and that the city and its fan base will never be satisfied until the Eagles get Lombardi's trophy. When the casual fan understands that, they will understand while the "we want vick chant" arrived 8 weeks ahead of schedule last night. DM is the QB.. but we want the SB...

Keep up the good work and thank you for providing me and my friends at least 5 minutes of sanity over the past 5 years... (ps... go chula vista... i live in san diego... ) - mic