Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday 08/25 Quickie: Plax, Lee, Rox,
Rivers, Beasley, Tebow, GA Tech, Delaware

If the Plaxico Burress story was good for anything, it was the comedy gold that his "original sin" was wearing sweatpants out on the town.

Beyond being a hilarious fashion faux-pas, it stands to reason that no sweatpants, no loose waistband; no loose waistband, no gun slippage; no gun slippage, no accidental shooting self.

And now Plax wants to rewrite history: The biggest news -- at least for me in today's SN column -- coming out of his ESPN interview last night was that he insists he wasn't wearing sweatpants.

But go back to that chain above: None of it makes sense if he was just wearing normal pants. And it is certainly 1000 percent less funny. So I choose not to believe the convicted felon.

Yet I understand why, of all things, he would want to try to change our lasting memory of him being that he wore sweatpants to a nightclub. A legacy is a legacy.

More you'll find in today's column:

*Cliff Lee for NL Cy: You can't slow me down.

*How fun is the NL Wild Card race between Colorado and SF?

*Philip Rivers: Worth the money? Oh, probably. He's a Top 5 QB in the NFL.

*Shaun Hill: Placeholder until Bradford or McCoy.
(I even go so far as to say that McCoy could be the next coming of Joe Montana. ?!?!)

*Michael Beasley: Pot in the NBA? YOU DON'T SAY!
(Really: Pot in the NBA is like HGH in the NFL -- you just take it for granted that it's there.)

*Tim Tebow's back is not only fine, but his injured shoulder -- that no one really knew about -- feels as good for him as it has since 2006. So there's that.

*It's a sad day as it looks like single-game sports gambling in Delaware is dead. (The irony is that I'm not even much of a gambler -- I just liked the IDEA of sports gambling on the East Coast.)

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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