Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday 11/28 (Very) Quickie

Ok, ok: First of all... Tiger. So.

"She bashed in the back windshield with a golf club" is the new "He shot him in the face."

Tiger's accident was newsworthy (even if "serious" wasn't really all that serious), but the real story was in the details: That Elin smashed the window with as-yet-unrevealed golf club (presumably a Nike club, unknown what type) to get a bleeding, possibly unconscious Tiger out of the car.


*Alabama survives: I know all that stuff about "When rivals play, throw out the records..." blah blah blah. I think that's complete b.s. Simply put: Alabama did not look like a Top 2 team in barely beating a good but hardly great Auburn. They looked like the cocky (going into the game) team that got throttled by Utah in the Sugar Bowl last January. And if they don't watch out, after next week, they will be on a collision course with TCU -- and another humiliating loss -- in the next Sugar Bowl, too.

(By the way: I think that game effectively ends Mark Ingram's Heisman chances, if he ever really had any. As I've been saying since August, this award is Colt McCoy's.)

*West Virginia deserved that win over Pitt -- it isn't quite a make-up for the way Pitt ruined WVU's dreams of a national-title shot in 2006, but it was a big win for the 'Eers. As for Pitt: Shouldn't we all have seen this coming? It's still a Wannstedt-coached team.

*Credit Boise State: They took on the next-best team in their conference and out-scored them. I'm not sure what it says that Boise State allowed 33 points to a team -- even if Nevada's offense IS really good. But Kellen Moore and Boise's offense is terrific, at least for a team going against WAC defenses. Not necessarily worthy of being ranked in the Top 6, but certainly more worthy of going to the Fiesta Bowl than Oklahoma State (which won't matter -- OK St is getting that bowl slot, presuming they beat OU today).

*Florida basketball shocks Michigan State. That was Florida's best win since the championship game to win the back-to-back national titles. I had watched them a few times so far this season and had not had high expectations for the game against Michigan State, an off-and-on hoops nemesis. (Superstitiously, I hope that didn't use up all of Florida's sports mojo this weekend. This counts as a biggie on the mojo-sucking front.)

*Melo: 50. The Knicks just keep the hits coming... for everyone else.

Finally: Upon further review, I was too harsh in my assessment of Texas' defense. Look: No self-respecting (or at least championship-aspiring) D should allow any opponent to score 39 points. But I still think that Texas should be a worthy opponent for the Alabama-Florida winner.

I am so ready for 3:30. I wish I was at The Swamp, but watching on TV will have to do. Huge game today.

-- D.S.

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kevin said...


I'll give you it wasn't as impressive a win as I had hoped, but please spare me the "rivalry games" don't matter angle. the 14 point punch in the mouth that alabama took to open the game yesterday was directly related to the energy in the stadium and auburn's passion outweighing 'bama's. if the impact of the rivalry doesn't factor into the equation and the coaching decisions, then why hasn't auburn attempted the sneak attack onsides kick all season?

i will say this. after the game turned back into a football game and the gimmick well ran out, the "worst number 2 team. ever." outscored their rival 26-7 and dominated in spite of their no-longer heisman candidate's worst game of the season.

is it a 60 minute game? absolutely. give auburn credit for executing the way they did in the first seven minutes of the game. in the same manner, give bama credit for adjusting and taking control the rest of the way in a hostile environment.