Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday 11/25 Quickie: Thanksgiving, NFL Week 12, CFB Rivalries, NBA GOTW

It is every columnist's go-to move on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving: The "things in sports I'm thankful for" conceit.

And how can you not embrace it? It forces you to go back through the year and identify the things that really moved the needle.

When you see my list, leading today's SN column, I think you'll be surprised -- sure, there were the personal peccadilloes (Tebow coming back to Florida) and the joyous bandwagons (Brandon Jennings), but a couple of topics I don't typically like, but certainly appreciate as top storylines this year: Tyler Hansbrough finally winning that NCAA title, A-Rod's steroid humiliation followed by one of the great redemptions in recent sports history.

I feel like that sums up how any of us are fans: There are the things we personally care about, the things that we share with the larger universe of fans and the things that are just so big that you can't help but appreciate their existence.

I say this every year: More than anything, I am thankful for your continued attention to this blog (or the SN column or the Teblog) and your interest in what I have to say. Aside from my relationship with my wife, kids and family (obviously), the relationship that I have with the readers (and commenters) of this blog is the one I appreciate the most.

More you'll find in today's column:

*Will Texas lose to Texas A&M? No, but you're kind of intrigued at the idea, aren't you?

*I think that the Lions' game on Thanksgiving is the best tradition in the NFL -- perhaps all of sports. That doesn't mean that everyone isn't looking ahead to Pats-Saints on Monday night.

*The NBA Game of the Week -- no, Game of the Month -- Kevin Durant vs. Brandon Jennings on Friday night.

*Cincinnati is this week's Syracuse? Not quite. But if they beat Gonzaga? Most certainly.

*I won't get into Tim Tebow's Swamp finale here -- I am churning out tons of coverage about it over at, so if you are curious, check it out over there.

Otherwise, see the entire SN column here. No SN column tomorrow or Friday, but I'll be posting lightly here with weekend-ish coverage.

If you are traveling today for the holiday weekend, good luck to you. And if you won't be stopping by between now and Monday (or the weekend), happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

-- D.S.


cd said...

Any thoughts on Bill Simmons 2 week suspension on Twitter?? How much longer before it is Bill Simmons from Yahoo! Sports? I can't believe ESPN actually suspended him from posting. Seems very childish to me.


PiccottFence said...

From Thanksgivingless Canadians everywhere: Where are the updates? We're dyin' up here with no WUC, and no posts. Workplace Productivity is too high! Like when Jerry took over Newman's route, they're gonna know something is up!