Saturday, December 26, 2009

Next Head Coach at Florida: Dan Mullen?

I have no inside information on this. I'm just throwing out my leading theory.

Given that Urban Meyer is going to have a say in the coaching search to name his successor and he is going to have a role in the program, he is going to want a guy he trusts and who understands his system -- but someone who will never challenge Meyer (nor make Meyer feel marginalized). He will also want a guy with previous head-coaching experience, preferably at a high level.

That's Dan Mullen.


SG said...

Gonna go off the grid some and toss Dave Wannstedt's name out there. Why?

He knows Florida dating back to his days at The U as member of Jimmy J's staff.

He's getting great pub for discovering Dion Lewis out of Jersey which further validates his recruiting chops.

Prior to what you might have read or heard about the guy, he really can coach at the collegiate level. Dave-O took a somewhat talented bunch at Pitt and had the squad a few seconds away from a BCS bowl game.

And he is a Yinzer (a native of the Pittsburgh urban area).

Ok, coming from Pittsburgh has nothing to do with the search, just like writing Yinzer.

Happy New Year.

JT said...

Or Charlie Strong...