Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Eve Quickie: Ho Ho Ho

With all the end-of-decade nostalgia going on, the sports storyline that struck me most this morning was that Oral Roberts win over New Mexico in college hoops.

I feel a bond with Oral Roberts from one of the more memorable moments of my decade (at least writing about sports): The campaign I had in the Quickie in March 2006 where I was CONVINCED that Oral Roberts would beat Memphis to become the first 16-seed ever to beat a 1-seed in the men's NCAA Tournament.

Given the traditional lack of any drama in the 1/16 game, my prediction was arguably the most interesting thing about the game itself.

Of course, I was wrong. Not as notably wrong as when I said on the front page of "Two words: It's. Over." when the Yankees went up 3-0 on the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS.

(That was my worst prediction of the decade -- a Quickie jinx to end all Quickie jinxes -- and, even though I'd like to think that the Quickie was memorable for its day-to-day consistency, with nothing really standing out because it was all pretty good, that was a memorable day for me.)

I can't imagine not piling on the nostalgia next week -- there's a lot to cover. Yesterday, I was having a conversation and the "What were you doing in December 1999" thing came up. I'll dig into that more next week, but -- wow -- it's kind of insane how much things have changed, both personally and professionally. I'm sure that's the case for all of you -- look: 10 years is a long time. It's a pretty good debate whether you go through more changes in the decade between age 16-26 or between age 26-36. Actually, that's a pretty good column idea for next week.

As for today? There may not be a slower day of the year, in sports or otherwise. People are off work, or if they are at work, not really working -- certainly taking off early. Traveling. Last-minute holiday gift-buying. For Jewish folks, picking out the Chinese restaurant and movie.

A handful of storylines:
*Utah gives the MWC more bowl cred.
*Favre-Childress: This will haunt the Vikes in the playoffs.
*No. 1 UConn beats back No. 2 Stanford in women's hoops.
*Wade: 29 in Heat cruise past Utah.

In 2010, I actually hope to see Wade and LeBron pair up on the same team.

(What did I tell you? Sssssloooowwww.)

I'll be back tomorrow morning. For those not checking back and celebrating the holiday, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

-- D.S.

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