Tuesday, March 23, 2010

03/23 Quickie: Cornell Mania and More

This could have run tomorrow or Thursday, but I couldn't wait to dig into Cornell Mania -- Big Red is the story of the Sweet 16 week (no offense to Northern Iowa).

I can't imagine a more intriguing match-up than Cornell vs. Kentucky on Thursday night -- it might be the most-watched game of the Tournament.

I have almost -- almost -- convinced myself that Cornell will win. I think there's obviously a puncher's chance they WILL win, for a lot of reasons:

*They destroyed Wisconsin's defense, which is superior to Kentucky's.

*They nearly beat Kansas at Kansas back in January.

*Kentucky has yet to be tested... really, all year.

*The crowd should be with them.

*They shoot 3s extremely well -- and I'm not sure Kentucky does the same.

I think where I net out -- where we all probably net out -- is that we really WANT Cornell to win, in the same way we all wanted Northern Iowa to win.

I suspect that it comes down to John Wall hurtling down the court so quickly that Kentucky simply out-paces Cornell. I would run every possession and drive straight at the basket.

The notion that we are even thinking "Well, you never know..." is amazing enough.

More you'll find in today's SN column:

*UNI over Michigan State, b/c of Lucas' injury.
*Brittney Griner: 14 blocks in one game. Yikes.
*Why Illinois and VA Tech are better than Kansas.
*I would trade Donovan McNabb.
*I would go to the draft if I was Tebow.
*John Brantley IS a very good passer.
*Hope for Warriors fans.
*Hope for new NFL overtime rules.
*Hope for Erin Andrews, dancer.

-- D.S.

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bird said...

Regarding Cornell mania: Keith Olbermann returned to "Countdown" last night after being away due to the death of his father. Eighty percent of the show dealt with the passage of the health care reform bill, but twenty percent consisted of Keith cheerleading for his alma mater, Cornell! As he put it: "Until Thursday, WE OWN THIS TOURNAMENT!!"