Wednesday, March 24, 2010

03/24 Quickie: Gotta Love Reform

It's a big week for reform: First, health care. Now: NFL overtime.

Longtime readers know that I have had a particular problem with the NFL's overtime system, which I have argued forever is a Super Bowl-sized disaster waiting to happen.

We nearly had it two years ago -- and we got as close as we can this past season, when the NFC title game went into OT, the Saints got the ball, kicked a field goal and that was that.

This always struck me as absurd. College football's playoff -- or non-playoff -- system has its problems, but at least they don't decide games by a coin flip.

And so today's SN column lead is in praise of the NFL owners getting shocked into submission -- the NFC title game must have freaked them into action.

I don't care what the motivation was; this was reform whose time was long overdue.

More you'll find in today's column:

*West Virginia is screwed.
*I picked the wrong San Diego State.
*UNC: 2010 NIT champs?
*Surprise: I'm no Jimmy Clausen fan.
*I think Gil is going to jail.
*Jose Canseco: Breaking news?

And then there's this -- which didn't make the column: This morning was all about the "F-bomb."

First, there was Joe Biden's "This is a big f-ing deal" to Barack Obama at the health-care reform bill signing.

But then there came a story -- first reported on PFT -- that when he took the Wonderlic, Tim Tebow asked if the players in the room could bow their heads in prayer before the test.

The response, from at least one player: "Shut the f--- up." And, apparently, the rest of the room cracked up.

Submitted without further comment.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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SF said...

is there any way to find out who the 4 owners were that voted against this?