Tuesday, April 13, 2010

04/13 Quickie: QBs, Target, NBA Seeds

Intriguing day for QBs around the NFL, leading today's SN column

Big Ben's meeting with the Commish should be a good scolding... Sam Bradford is meeting with the Rams, and presumably they will not ask "Can you take NFL punishment?" but "Can you sign before the draft?" 

And, yes, there's even a new Tim Tebow storyline: He wasn't on the NFL's list of 16 players attending the draft. I'm not sure that means he WON'T attend (I think he should, because he's the biggest storyline of the draft), but for now, he won't. (He will be in NYC next Tuesday for an EA event. I might be there. More on that later.)

More on the radar today:

The NBA's regular season is nearly over, and the West has its 8-seed locked in to play the Lakers: Durant's Thunder, which will get a valuable education in playoff basketball. Actually, I love the Lakers-Thunder 1st-round pairing.

NBA early-entries: Wes Johnson is a Top 5 pick. Ed Davis is a Top 5 pick... in 2009. In 2010, he might slip into the 6-10 range, particularly if his injured wrist doesn't let him work out for teams in advance of the draft.

Target Field looks really nice. Certainly nicer than the Metrodome.

The A's are the new Mariners (while beating the Mariners, coincidentally).

Yankees home opener today: Expect the usual triumphalism as they put up the championship banner.

-- D.S.

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