Thursday, April 15, 2010

04/15 Quickie: Hayward, NBA Playoffs

I'm saving my NBA Playoff picks for tomorrow's SN column lead, and I'm glad I did, because the news of Butler's Gordon Hayward testing the NBA Draft is a pretty compelling topic to lead with: It is the anti-"Hoosiers." As I said in the column, Jimmy Chitwood didn't bolt Hickory for the NBA.

I don't begrudge Hayward -- at all. Just ask Da'Sean Butler about what kind of freak things can happen to ruin your pro career. And although Hayward would be an All-American next year, his draft prospects won't get better than this year (projected around 15-20).

Hayward going pro doesn't fit the wholesome movie-script storyline, but it fits entirely with reality.

The column is loaded today:

*Reggie Bush will pick torching USC over perjury.

*Brandon Marshall was worth it for the Dolphins.

*SN has Tim Tebow going to the Raiders at No. 39.

*I have Kevin Durant, youngest NBA scoring champ ever, as the No. 2 guy on my MVP ballot.

*Stephen Curry's 42 to end the season was ridiculous.

*So was DaJuan Blair's 20/20 double-double.

*I'm much less intrigued by Brandon Knight becoming the latest top PG to go to Kentucky than I am about Ray McCallum following his dad to U. of Detroit. Both will end up in the NBA soon enough.

*Jorge Cantu: H/RBI record to start a season. Not bad!

*But probably not as interesting as Jose Guillen hitting a HR in his 4th straight game...

*Which, in turn, is not as interesting as Colby Lewis -- spot-starting for CJ Wilson -- striking out 10....

*Which, in turn, isn't as fascinating as Twins fans' first experience with rain at a home game.

*Elin divorcing Tiger? Well, obviously.

*It's official: My first fantasy championship.

See the whole column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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