Thursday, June 10, 2010

06/10 Quickie: Blackhawks, Nebraska, USC, Izzo, More

So much is going on in sports this morning that it makes the Strasburg thing feel like a very pleasant appetizer before some kind of Thanksgiving-style engorgement, which leads today's SN column:

*USC is about to get far more than slapped by the NCAA -- the two-year bowl ban isn't a big deal; the loss of scholarships are. (And I'm trying to figure out exactly how the transfer rules work when a team is slapped like this. Could USC's entire junior and senior class transfer without penalty?)

*The Big 12 is teetering. Nebraska is gone. Colorado (to the Pac-10) and Mizzou (to the Big Ten) are sure to follow. I'm still all for the Big 12 picking up TCU, Utah, BYU, Boise and Memphis to join whoever is left. Those first four represent 4 perennial Top 25 programs -- wouldn't they be enticed by the Big 12's BCS designation?

*I am honestly stunned that Tom Izzo is considering the Cavs job, for two reasons: (1) He has one of the best jobs in the country at Michigan State, where he has emerged as the best coach in college basketball and has his team positioned for a national title next year. (2) Even if he has an itch for the NBA, if LeBron doesn't return to the Cavs, that job sucks.

Given what happened with Billy Donovan, I won't believe that Izzo is taking the job even after he takes it (if he takes it, obviously). I will wait for MSU to hire a replacement, because we all know coaches have been known to change their minds in these situations. (Still, much like I quickly jumped on the "replace-Donovan-with-Anthony-Grant" bandwagon, I would quickly get on the "replace-Izzo-with-Brad-Stevens-or-Josh-Pastner" bandwagon.)

*Oh, AND THE BLACKHAWKS WON THE STANLEY CUP. Just a small story there. The NHL can't catch a break -- I think Chicago is one of the most likable NHL champs in years.

And ohbytheway, the World Cup starts tomorrow. It's only bigger than all of the above stories combined... times 1,000. (I'm talking globally, not parochially.)

There is so much going on in sports today that my head is swimming. I am sure I will constantly be refreshing Twitter and sports blogs to keep up. But I will do my best to offset that by sitting on the beach while doing it.

Complete SN column here. More later -- I think I'm going to post my World Cup picks this afternoon.

-- D.S.

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