Friday, June 11, 2010

Shanoff World Cup Picks

World Cup picks, per the Daily Quickie Readers World Cup pick 'em bracket:

Group Round:
A: (1) Uruguay, (2) France
B: (1) Argentina, (2) Nigeria
C: (1) US, (2) England
D: (1) Germany, (2) Serbia
E: (1) Netherlands, (2) Cameroon
F: (1) Italy, (2) Paraguay
G: (1) Brazil, (2) Portugal
H: (1) Spain, (2) Chile

2nd Round:
(B2) Nigeria over (A1) Uruguay
(C1) US over (D2) Serbia
(E1) Netherlands over (F2) Paraguay
(G1) Brazil over (H2) Chile
(B1) Argentina over (A2) France
(D1) Germany over (C2) England
(F1) Italy over (E2) Cameroon
(H1) Spain over (G2) Portugal

US over Nigeria
Brazil over Netherlands
Argentina over Germany
Spain over Italy

Brazil over US
Spain over Argentina

Champ: Brazil over Spain

1 comment:

Eric said...

You're on that Crack pipe again. I hope you're right, but in reality we'll be lucky if the US has the honor of losing to Germany in the elimination round.