Monday, July 19, 2010

07/19 Quickie: Cubs, Heat, More

Recovering from a busy weekend in Chicago, but the game was terrific. A friend who works for the Cubs got us onto the field before the game for pictures and couldn't have been sweeter to my kid. (Per the comments on the last post, he got that certificate of "First Game at Wrigley." Nice touch.)

It was hard to tell how he was experiencing the whole thing. As with the Knicks game, the food was a major focus: He started with an ice cream-in-the-mini-helmet before moving on to cotton candy. At that point, he was like Cornholio.

He did make it to the 7th-inning stretch, which in 95 degree heat is pretty good. He knows the song, but I think the enormity of the collective experience finally hit him as everyone around him got up and started singing.

All in all, it was a terrific first MLB game -- again, simply having at Wrigley on a Friday afternoon alone puts it in the 99th percentile of baseball experiences. That he was there with me, my brother, my dad, my wife and my sister-in-law only made it more memorable.

The rest of the weekend was a sprint to stay ahead of two antsy kids.

Today's SN column leads with MJ's comment about LeBron, dissing The Decision. However, one comment on Twitter really resonated: Jordan's judgment is so bad that perhaps that actually means LeBron made exactly the right decision. Man, wish I had said that.

Speaking of saying things, Dwyane Wade needs some perspective. As if the Heat wasn't going to get booed in New York as it was.

Much more in the column. And more later today, hopefully.

-- D.S.

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