Thursday, July 22, 2010

07/23 Quickie: CP3, Henry, More

I know I've been running long the past two days -- that's hardly my style...

Good riddance to Chris Paul: That's what I would be thinking if I was a Hornets fan. I appreciate that he is a star, but he doesn't appreciate the team, the fans or the region. Let him walk. (For more, see yesterday's bonus post.)

A-Rod hits No. 599: Like him or not, care about PEDs or not, "600" is a big deal. In A-Rod's case, the only reason it might not be such a big deal is that it's not like he is at the very tail end of his career, where he is nudging over 600 and that's that; will we remember 600 when he crosses 700? Unlikely.

MLB Hall of Fame Weekend: As a Cubs fan growing up, I loved Andre Dawson -- loved that he took a discount to play at Wrigley, loved that he put up MVP numbers (if winning a controversial MVP award), loved that he remains beloved with Cubs fans.

I also like that his induction creates a cool Marvel Team-Up combo of Cubs fans and Expos fans. Now, HOF voters, about Tim Raines...

More HOF: I grew up in suburban DC within earshot of Frick enshrinee Jon Miller calling games for the Orioles. He is, by far, my favorite baseball play-by-play person ever. As a kid who similarly grew up playing Strat-o-Matic and calling my own games, with short-lived aspirations of being a baseball broadcaster, he's a bit of a hero.

In praise of Robbie Caldwell: Two words: Turkey. Insemination. The new/interim Vandy football coach earned a standing ovation from the media folks at SEC Media Days, for his disarming and charming interview session under the bright lights. (Great post by Clay Travis about it.)

Dez Bryant signs: What a smart P.R. move to avoid the holdout, become the first 1st-round pick to sign and make people forget about the mess with the NCAA that ruined his last college season. Holdouts are rep-killers with fans; the opposite is true, too: Players who sign quick earn a ton of cred.

I was wrong about Thierry Henry in MLS: For soccer fans, it's a very big deal. I'm still bummed I didn't get out to Red Bull Arena last night, but I would have been there to watch Tottenham, which is my Premiership team (preceding the bandwagon-jumping by some other sportswriters). BTW: Henry took the PATH train (public transportation) from Manhattan to the game -- very cool.

T'wolves GM David Kahn does it to himself: Why call Chris Webber a schmuck during an on-air radio interview? Points for solid Yiddish, but the guy is a buffoon.

NBA Free Agency: What if I told you that Matt Barnes was going to be the X-factor that would give the Lakers the ultimate edge over the Heat when they inevitably battle in the Finals? (You wouldn't believe me, but let's revisit in 10 months.) Theo Ratliff? Another big doesn't hurt -- he can certainly be the answer to Miami's... oh, Joel Anthony.

NFL Offseason: Broncos sign Elvis Dumervil for 6Y/$61M. Well worth it for a disruptive pass rusher in his prime. That Denver Post article about Tebow's potential "hold out" was kind of ludicrous; training camp starts next Wednesday -- he'll have a deal hammered out by then. If Dez Bryant can manage it....

Your Moment of Tebow: The next Bachelor? I freaking hope not.

Last question: How many MLB players would fail if there was a league-wide test given today for HGH? 5 percent? 10 percent? 25? 50? More?

-- D.S.

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Eric said...

Hi Dan. I couldn't disagree with you more on A-Rod. An admitted cheater passing a milestone gets a collective shrug from me and the basefall fans in my circle.
There's no way he's hitting 600 yet if he were clean and I can't get excited for him passing that number. He's still a helluva player, drugs or no, but any excitement over his career stats will always be overshadowed by the stats we can safely assume he gained with the benefit of PEDs.
This is the asterisk in action and its better because its coming from the fans!