Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday (Very) Quickie

Congrats to Andre Dawson and the rest of the Baseball Hall of Fame inductees. '87 forever -- I don't care how much of a joke you might be able to prove that it was!

(And, if I may throw the SABR folks who make a strong case about the bad decision-making behind Dawson's MVP, let's all rally around Tim Raines!)

It is fair to say that Ubaldomania is over. It's been fun, but the best pitcher in the NL is Josh Johnson.

Oh, yes: T.O. would do wonders for the confidence of Rams rookie franchise QB Sam Bradford. Yikes.

A-Rod stuck on 599. Prediction on how many games it takes to get him to 600: 5.

It shouldn't surprise anyone -- especially a USC alum like Jeff Fisher -- that Lane Kiffin would poach Fisher's RBs coach without calling him first. Stay classy, Lane!

The rehabilitation of Dez Bryant's reputation -- through being the first 1st-rounder to sign a contract, through being the first player on the field at training camp -- is remarkable.

More NFL Camping: Take it easy, Wes Welker! No need to put yourself out now.

CP3 + D12 > LBJ + DW + CB4? Chris Paul to Orlando? The Magic can offer the best chance of winning a ring. But can they offer the best trade package?

(It would be phenomenal for the league for its best PG and best C to team up to battle its best SG, best SF and one of its best PFs. In the same state, no less.)

USA Hoops: Kevin Durant dominates the intrasquad scrimmage last night, which I caught glimpses of (hot Saturday night, woo!)

-- D.S.

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Jimmy Delach said...

I thought Andre won his MVP award in 1987, not 1988.