Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07/29 Quickie: Phillies, Amare, LeBron

Hold on... I'm still processing the reality that Amare Stoudemire is Jewish.

*The one thing I love about the Phillies is that they recognize this is their window to win championships -- even just to make the playoffs -- and make moves to take advantage of that... like trading for Roy Oswalt.

(Combine that with the Phillies heating up, last night's win behind Halladay's 6-hitter and the call-up of top prospect Domonic Brown -- who had 2 H and 2 RBI in his debut -- and things are looking good for Philly. If they make the playoffs, yikes: The Halladay-Oswalt combo alone could be enough pitching to get them the NL pennant.)

*A-Rod: Still at 599. This could be a while.

*After reading the (pre-)released draft of Arash Markazi's brilliant-for-its-detail LeBron-in-Vegas profile, the only thing that seemed wrong with it was that it embarrassed LeBron.

*RIP, Lorenzen Wright. What a tragic ending.

*Rick Pitino is unlikely to shake the whole "15 seconds" thing, especially when Louisville goes on the road.

*Antonio Gates is -- appropriately -- the highest-paid TE in the NFL: 5Y extension at $7+M a year, with the all-important "guaranteed" money at $20M.

*The best thing that could happen to sports in the state of Arizona is the judicial ruling to put the controversial SB 1070 on hold. Certainly better than what's happening to the D'backs.

*Jeremiah Masoli to Ole Miss? Troubled guy, but supremely talented. Hope the Rebels have a great support system in place for him.

*Soccer: Again, MLS confirms that when they involve European clubs, tons of fans want to get out and watch. The question: How can MLS get 70,000 fans to continue to turn out, even without the lure of Man U.?

*USA Hoops: Are we going to look back in a year or so and wonder how Tyreke Evans didn't make the Top 15 of the non-Olympic-year national basketball team roster?

*Tim Tebow is officially a training camp "holdout." His deal is imminent, but technically, it is a hold out. Mangia, haters.

*Must-Read: SI's list of the 25 Most Hated Teams of All Time. Terrific stuff by Deitsch and the crew. One quibble: It wasn't that fans hated the 89-90 UNLV hoops team (ranked No. 9); they hated the 90-91 team (and even that, I'm not sure about). That 1990 team ripped out Duke's soul -- that alone made it beloved.

-- D.S.


WuzUpG said...

Tyreke must've been hurt because he didn't play a minute in the intra-squad Blue/White game.

Crock1701 said...

Shanoff... no one hated Duke in 1990, that started in 91-92. Before that, they were the plucky underdogs who'd never won a title, no one would be joyous at them getting smacked. It's like retroactively saying the '86 Mets were beloved because they knocked out those annoying Red Sox.