Thursday, July 29, 2010

07/30 Quickie: MLB, Tebow, LeBron

On the radar today: Tim Tebow, Roy Oswalt, Ted Lilly, Arash Markazi, Stephen Strasburg, Buck Showalter, Rick Pitino, T.O., Travis Pastrana and More.

Phillies get Roy Oswalt: "Roy and Roy and three days of rain" -- and that's probably enough for the Phillies not just to make the playoffs, but win the NL pennant again.

(UPDATE: Reader Brian T. correctly points out that Cole Hamels is killing it lately. All the more reason to consider the Phillies the most dangerous team in the NL, once we get to the playoffs. This is a team built to win series in October.)

Trade deadline "prizes": Ted Lilly? Jake Westbrook? Jeremy Guthrie? That doesn't include anyone who is going to catapult a team into the playoffs, like aces Lee and Oswalt were.

: How much of the potential between Tim Tebow's base deal of $11 million (over 5 years, $8.7M guaranteed) and his potential earnings of $33 million will he pick up when he wins NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year?

The spiked LeBron-in-Vegas story: Bad news, all the way around. Bad for LeBron (I guess). Bad for ESPN. Bad for Arash Markazi, who is a good guy. Bad for fans.

Stephen Strasburg to the DL: I'm not going to fault the Nats for being overly cautious -- even if it does kill any chance I have of making my fantasy league playoffs, after drafting Stras back in March and stowing him for all those months. But it is just not a good sign that he is suffering shoulder issues already. The foreshadowing is ominous.

O's hire Buck Showalter: It. Won't. Help. (Honestly, MLB is like the NBA -- there is a fundamental problem with the development pipeline for managers/head coaches.)

Ubaldomania returns? Not quite, but at this point, merely winning is a big deal.

Love the old-school Padres uniforms. (Less enthusiastic about the Padres getting Miguel Tejada.)

Rick Pitino should have settled.

I'm sorry: Was there actually a question that Lorenzen Wright died from gunshot wounds related to a homicide?

T.O. Watch: Bengals fans are like Bills fans or Eagles fans or 49ers fans before them: When T.O. isn't on their team, they hate him; when he is on their team, they love him. When he inevitably gripes or freaks or, certainly, leaves, they will claim they never cared. But they do.

Is Travis Pastrana the best-ever in his sport (freestyle moto-x)? Probably. Amazingly, it might not even be his best sport.

Idol: Fact -- Ellen was not a particularly good judge anyway.

Happy retirement to David Tyree: He will be eternally remembered as one-half of the greatest play in the history of the NFL.

-- D.S.


BLT said...

Hey Dan...

Thanks for keeping the Quickie going. Maybe you should rename it "the pitino".

Also, we need that you aren't tied to SN, you can link to anywhere.


Unknown said...

Re: Tyree, no way...lucky catch...the greatest play is Adam V. kicking as time wound down in the greatest upset in SB history, leading to the greatest dynasty in NFL, yeah, Adam V's kick wins...