Tuesday, August 03, 2010

08/03 Quickie: NBA Sked, B10, Xs/Os

Heat-Celtics to tip off the new NBA season? Can't ask for more than that. I couldn't believe the NBA would put the Heat in Cleveland to open the season, even though that would be the greatest game ever. (Have to believe it will be Lakers-Heat in the NBA's premier Christmas Day spot.)

Big Ten Media Day: Conference title game in 2011, once Nebraska joins and makes it an even 12. Now, about that thorny issue of splitting up the league....

Indians super-rookie Carlos Santana was supposed to be one of those savvy mid-season pick-ups that takes me from middle-of-the-pack in fantasy to the playoffs. D'oh....

As previewed yesterday, Rays top prospect Jeremy Hellickson did win his MLB debut last night -- but it was apparently a one-night-only kind of deal. Much bigger future ahead.

The anti-doping folks are so intent to get Lance that they are willing to give sweet deals to any rider willing to talk with them about Lance using PEDs.

(Either Lance is the most honorable -- and maligned -- athlete in sports history or he is going to get crucified on this.)

That Karen Sypher intended to extort money from Rick Pitino was kind of obvious, wasn't it? It doesn't change the fact that Pitino has irreparably hurt his rep with this trial.

As expected, Phil Jackson signed that extension with the Lakers -- his ultimate career encore can be leading the Lakers to a(nother) three-peat while crushing the dreams of LeBron.

New book out today: Tim Layden's "Blood, Sweat and Chalk" -- a history of strategy in the NFL. (It was previewed in that amazing piece in SI a few weeks ago about Don Coryell.) I'm digging into it now and will hopefully have a review later this week. (In the meantime, here's a Q&A Layden did with the NYT; I'm going to line up my own, hopefully.)

I think A-Rod is trying too hard....

-- D.S.

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