Thursday, August 05, 2010

Looking For Some Help With a Project

Hey, everyone: If you consider yourself a sports news junkie and seem to spend all your time refreshing Twitter and blog feeds but can never get enough, I want to hear from you.

I am looking for a clever self-starter with phenomenal attention to detail and an interest in hustling over the next few weeks to help me with some legwork on a research project. (Journalism or media experience is good, but I have a pretty elastic mindset about what that means.)

You would ideally be able to give me a total of 10-15 hours over the next few weeks, but I’m not fixated on when you do it -- during slow times on your job or summer internship, at night, on the weekend, whatever fits your schedule. NYC-based is good, but not necessary (we can talk via Skype and IM).

I can afford a gratuity -- it won’t be much, but it will let you feel like it is more than “unpaid.” (If you are willing to do it "for the experience," that's fine, but I'm still going to do the right thing.) And when you end up doing a phenomenal job, I would love to be able to give you more work. That would be good news for both of us.

If you’re interested (or know someone who might be), shoot me an email that says “LEGWORK” in the subject line and include:

*A short description (say, tweet-length) about your interest;

*2-3 links to some relevant work;

*Your favorite sports and sports teams (specific fandom won't disqualify you!);

*(Optional) The names of 2-3 people I don’t follow on Twitter but should. (If you know my Quickie style, you know my preference: Essentially, keep it short!)

As for timing, I am going to try to get this figured out by early next week. It's short notice, but on the other hand, I don't think this will be a drawn-out process.

Thanks so much for the help.

PS: For better or worse(!), you will not be doing any research related to Tim Tebow.

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