Tuesday, August 10, 2010

08/10 Quickie: Happy Madden Day

Happy Madden Day! Yes, this IS a national holiday, for many -- the release of EA's latest in the Madden franchise, "Madden 11," with Drew Brees as the cover guy.

I believe that I once argued in the Quickie that Madden Day was the 2nd biggest single day of the year, related to pro football. (I'll probably revise that now to fall behind Day 1 of the Draft.)

The point is this: It's a big day, a huge day. Through Madden, people are talking about the NFL -- they are immersing themselves in the NFL.

The game is far more immersive than merely reading updates from your team's training camp or watching NFL shows on TV. It is even more immersive than fantasy football, at least in terms of the level of concentration you are applying to football in any given stretch of time.

I'm not a video-game guy -- I'm just not coordinated enough -- but I absolutely respect the sports-game culture, particularly the loyalty and enthusiasm for Madden.

For those of you who have your game in hand and plan to spend the rest of the week not doing much besides playing -- I salute you.

*I'm not a Jets fan, but even so: What a shame it would be if Darrelle Revis sat out the entire season.

It would jeopardize the Jets' shot at a Super Bowl and deprive fans of seeing the best cornerback in the league, in his prime. Make no mistake: Woody Johnson knew exactly what he was doing when he said that.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out: Fans love and respect Revis, but they generally hate hold-outs -- even if he IS being underpaid. Players usually cave, ultimately.

*Tons of positive buzz for Sam Bradford -- yesterday's MMQB from Peter King was gushing -- and not a trace of question that he might crumple when he takes his first rough hit or 20.

*Huge win for the Cardinals over the Reds -- is this the moment Cincinnati flails?

*Don Wakamatsu made some mistakes, to be sure, but it is unclear that the Mariners' disappointing season was enough of his fault to make him worthy of being axed.

*Strasburg is back tonight. We'll see....

*It's only a matter of time before the NBA is playing a full slate of regular-season games in London, with a full-time London franchise.

*Brian Cushing Watch: What, exactly, is "overtraining?" And what does that have to do with accidentally testing positive for PEDs?

*MJ to introduce Scottie Pippen at HOF ceremony: Let's hope his speech this time is a little less bitter than the last time he was at the Hall.

*Jeff Van Gundy thinks that the Heat will win more than 72 games this season -- I will absolutely take the under there.

*Joe Paterno for the Presidential Medal of Freedom? Um, I guess so?

-- D.S.

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