Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie: McNabb, Vick, Ben

That jostling you felt? Folks speed-walking over to the station to pick up the Mike Vick Bandwagon.

More NFL Preseason:

*Donovan McNabb looked just fine in his debut with the Redskins. (Plus... Brandon Banks!)

*Dexter McCluster is going to be fun to watch (and that Chiefs backfield is going to be maddening for fantasy football GMs).

*Today's most intriguing: Ben Roethlisberger makes season debut at home. Guaranteed it will be 95 percent cheers, but you'll hear the boos.

*Hmm: Sam Bradford's Rams debut vs. the Vikings. Let's see how Bradford holds up to the hits -- bet the Rams keep him pretty shielded. That'll only last so long.

Nelson Cruz: Hero to Red Sox-haters everywhere. (And when combined with Thursday's loss? Brutal. Any lingering hopes fans had that this team would make a run? Gone.)

No no-no for Mets, but pretty close: RA Dickey's 1-hitter joins the list of other Mets' pitchers who have come as close as possible to the franchise's first no-hitter. What a season for Dickey. Knuckleballers rule.

Loved the emotion from Karl Malone during his Basketball HOF induction speech.

(As long as the Hoops Hall is enshrining entire teams, I think it would be appropriate if they took the 20th anniversary of the debut of the Fab Five to induct the 1991-92 Michigan starting 5 in next year's class.)

More people will learn who Matt Kuchar is as the latest "guy who isn't Tiger Woods winning the latest tournament Tiger is entered into" than knew of him before.

So, wait: Reggie Bush didn't apologize?

The AVP pro beach volleyball tour has cancelled the rest of it season: Remember back during the mid-decade when new leagues would enter, do really well and it looked like we were headed for a golden age of niche-y sports?

Obligatory Tebow item: Lee Corso -- so take it or leave it -- says he thinks Tebow will be starting for the Broncos by Week 6. If the Broncos are 1-4 going into the week? Absolutely could see it.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

-- D.S.

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panicstreak said...

The Fab 5, for the hall of fame? Really? For what, bringing baggy shorts and black socks into popular culture?

They never won anything. No Big 10 titles, no national championships.

What about the Ed Martin scandal, and how the Michigan basketball program is STILL feeling the effects.