Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday (Very) Quickie

No Big Ben.

Yes, A-Rod.

Ryan Matthews just vaulted up fantasy draft charts. (Meanwhile: Will Legedu Naanee become Phil Rivers' go-to WR? That has some big fantasy value.)

Sam Bradford was not very good, but let's call it a success that his shoulder didn't pop out when it was breathed on by NFL D-linemen.

Meanwhile, Jake Delhomme had a terrific debut for the Browns. (Pete Carroll won his debut with the Seahawks, too.)

Injury Watch: Stafon Johnson, with a dislocated ankle? Oh, no. The worst news, for a player so horribly injured last year in college. Can only hope for his full recovery.

NFL Preseason Game of the Day: Tim Tebow's pro debut vs. the 85/TO Bengals.

Here come the SF Giants. (And, staying in the NL West, Ted Lilly keeps on winning for LA.)

Not expecting Tiger to make some kind of run today at the PGA.

Have two fantasy drafts coming up later this week. Probably time to start researching.

Meanwhile, also coming this week: The annual Summer Reading Series, featuring THREE books I've recently read that are worth your summer read.

-- D.S.

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