Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday (Very) Quickie

Still mulling over my initial BlogPoll Top 25, with my biggest issue being... No. 1, if you can believe that.

I can't get behind Alabama, because I think they'll lose in the SEC title game to Florida. I obviously can't pick Ohio State. My early choice, Boise State, is unrealistic -- but I might just go with them. The only other obvious choice would be Texas. Winning a national title the year after Colt McCoy leaves would be compelling. (Hmm: Texas over Florida in the national-title game as a repudiation of the Tebow-McCoy Era?) Anyway, still working on it.

*Hmm: Maybe T.O. is in for a big year after all...

*I guess Roger Clemens is going all-in with the denial. (Please note that indicting Clemens was the most bipartisan political effort of the last few years.)

*Mountain West + C-USA? I love that they think if they played a post-title game between the two league champs, that winner would get an automatic BCS-bowl invite. How quaint. (That said, I have long argued that the non-BCS teams should create their own playoff; this would cover most of the good ones. Eh: It was a stronger argument when Utah and BYU were included.)

*It is amazing for golf that golfers have so little regard for Tiger that they are willing to talk trash about him (cc: Rory McIlroy)

*No Serena at the US Open? She's only the biggest draw.

*Did you know the Arena League held its ArenaBowl? And that Spokane beat Tampa for the title? And that the score was 69-57? Who knew? (And there's the problem.)

-- D.S.

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David Kazzie said...

I saw the commercial for the Arena Bowl a couple of days ago, which surprised me, because I honestly thought that the Arena League had disbanded.

I swear I remember reading that in the last year or so.