Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/25 Thanksgiving Quickie

Happy Thanksgiving!... Per yesterday's discussion: So thankful when the Heat lose (again x3)... BTW: The Bulls are the anti-Heat... Wow, the preseason experts really slept on UConn, didn't they?... How many bowls would happily take a sub-.500 Texas?... Ever tried to apologize for a huge screw-up by text message? It's just not the same, VY... Boise State would beat any team in the country in a one-off game, yet it's not inconsistent to be willing to admit Boise might not go undefeated if they had to play in the SEC, week in and week out... NFL Picks: Pats in a rout, Saints in a rout, Jets in a rout... Don't forget to set your fantasy rosters... Best Thanksgiving dinner food: Stuffing, and I'll take mine from the ol' classic plain Pepperidge Farm jumbo bag...

-- D.S.

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Jac said...

How often do both NFL teams wear coloured jersey's? Just noticing this between the Lions and Pats. Total red, white and blue day.

Also as a note - do the Lions where those throwbacks because they're embarrassed to admit who they are? There is no Detroit or Lions anywhere on their uniforms including their helmets which are just grey. Odd.