Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday 11/26 (Very) Quickie

The Friday after Thanksgiving reminds me of nothing if not the first inklings of the Tiger Woods scandal. Remember when we all thought it was just a benign car accident involving Tiger?

It's the Day of the Year in college football: Auburn-Alabama, Oregon-Arizona and, arguably, the late-night headliner, Boise State at Nevada. Everything (or nothing) could change. Must-watch.

(Speaking of college football, Texas's Worst. Year. Ever. -- and I'm talking about worse than anything in the pathetic Mackovic Era -- was completed with the team 5-7 and ineligible for a bowl. My question: How many bowls would take a sub-.500 Texas -- and their massive, if disappointed, fan base -- if they had the choice? I'd bet 80 percent.)

Thanksgiving NFL: Tom Brady rules. Not much more to say about it than that. His performance on the early-afternoon Thanksgiving stage might be the indelible image that voters remember in a month when they are filling out their MVP ballots.

*Moral victory for the Cowboys? If you only looked at Dallas' season in the context of the last two weeks (The Garrett Era), yesterday's loss to the Saints was a disappointment. If you see it as part of a larger terrible season, having a competitive game against the defending league champs on the team's biggest tradition game, keeping it close is a pretty good result.

*Jets win again: In case it wasn't obvious, every team needs its "Brad Smith," the do-it-all former QB who can catch, run, return kicks, take snaps under center, whatever. His shoeless romp was the highlight of the day.

NBA Last Night: John Wall was stymied in Atlanta (the Wiz seem set on only beating the league's dregs, while always losing to all teams that are any good), but in the late game, Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon showed that the Clippers have a hell of a good young combo to build the franchise on.

How many of you hit up the stores today? Good luck.

-- D.S.

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