Monday, December 06, 2010

12/07 Quickie: Pats, McD, Heisman

Today's Names to Know: Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels, Troy Calhoun, Cam Newton, LaMichael James, Kellen Moore, Andrew Luck, Adrian Gonzalez, Marvin Miller, Pat Gillick, Amare Stoudemire, Da'Quan Bowers, Kevin Wilson, Don Meredith and More.

Pats throttle Jets: If it wasn't clear before, it's clear now -- the Pats are the best team in the AFC, and as long as they maintain home-field advantage, there isn't a team that can beat them in Foxboro in January.

Broncos fire Josh McDaniels: But is it good for Tebow? (Among McDaniels' other problems -- besides the consistent losing and tactics of alienation -- was that he pushed to draft Tebow, then didn't come through on his potential to be innovative about using him.)

Who will replace him? (Besides the no-name assistant, Eric Studesville, elevated to the interim role.) Chris Mortensen insists that Air Force coach Troy Calhoun is a credible candidate, which would cause people to freak out -- college coaches making the transition to the NFL have a tough enough job; it's even tougher when your focus has been the triple-option. (Actually, how awesome would he be if he installed elements of the triple-option?) Anyway, it's an unfair criticism: He used to be the OC of the Houston Texans, too. He knows the NFL.

Heisman Finalists: Cam Newton, LaMichael James, Kellen Moore and Andrew Luck. Newton will be the runaway winner (any voter who refuses to list Newton in their Top 3 out of spite should have their ballot privileges revoked), but Luck will be the biggest/best pro. Luck is the best pro QB prospect since Matt Ryan -- I think Luck is better than Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman or even Sam Bradford.

BCS Computer Glitch: Did you hear about this computer glitch that accidentally left Boise ranked behind LSU in the final poll? The BCS made the appropriate switch -- but the even MORE appropriate switch would be to force any computer poll to "show its work" and reveal the precise formulae behind them. No transparency? No participation.

MLB Hot Stove: Adrian Gonzalez signs extension with the Red Sox for 7Y/$154M. He is their version of Mark Teixeira (although there were some interesting analyses floating around yesterday that Gonzalez will be hard-pressed to match Adrian Beltre's production in 2010.)

Baseball Hall of Fame snubs Marvin Miller: Unfortunately, as predictable as it was lamentable. (Pat Gillick was a worthy entry, though.)

NBA Last Night: Amare is real. Stoudemire had 34 points, in the Knicks' 5th straight W. He is playing at an all-NBA 1st-team level, and the Knicks are overachieving. Who needs Carmelo?

CFB Awards Season: Da'Quan Bowers wins the Nagurski Trophy as CFB's top defensive player. Totally worthy choice from a player that sat under the national radar because his team was only so-so. Bowers will get plenty of attention when he is a Top 5 NFL Draft pick next April.

CFB Coaching Carousel: Kevin Wilson to Indiana? The Oklahoma OC has done more than enough to earn his HC pedigree (think of him as the Big 12's Dan Mullen, who has done exceptionally well as a head coach). He has two things going for him that IU should love: (1) He knows the Midwest from his time running Northwestern's spread offense, and (2) he actually wants to coach at Indiana? They should snatch him up.

RIP Don Meredith: "Dandy Don" was the designated member of the "jockocracy" in Monday Night Football's famed 3-announcer booth, playing the foil to Howard Cosell. A TV legend.


Unknown said...

"I think Luck is better than Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman or even Sam Bradford."

So what you're really saying is that Luck will be out of the league before the end of his second year then. :) (Not like you've had the best track record of evaluating college quarterbacks for the pros)

Wes M said...

If I'm a Heisman voter, I leave Newton off, and it isn't out of spite; it's because I want my ballot to matter.

The precedent has been set by the Bush case, and I'm enough of a cynic when it comes to "big time college athletics," that while I hope Newton had no knowledge of his father's activities, I can't make myself believe it.

Thus, since I believe that there is a good chance Newton will be ultimately stripped of his Heisman, (after Auburn, the SEC, and the NCAA make all the money they can off of him,) I'm going to vote for the players I want to have the best chances of receiving the VY version of the trophy.

Unknown said...

Computer glitch = human glitch