Friday, December 10, 2010

Top Sports Moment of the Year?

Blame those sneaky Time editors: I can't resist a year-end "Top 10" list. Even if it is in the form of a slideshow that cynically forces you to click through 10 times to get through it. (Oh, wait: Here's a full list of all their lists.)

Anyway, they list their Top 10 sports moments:

Number 1 was the Armando Galarraga near-no-hitter.
No. 2 was LeBron's Decision.

At this point, I'm still looking for my absolutely, clear-cut No. 1 moment. While I think Galarraga's game and the Decision were both huge, there was something even bigger...

No. 3 was Gordon Hayward's near-make vs. Duke.
No. 4 was the NFL's concussion problem. ("Moment?")
No. 5 was Ghana blowing the World Cup.
No. 6 was Graeme McDowell at the Ryder Cup.

Still no sign of my No. 1.

No. 7 is the Saints winning the Super Bowl.

No. 7. Seriously? And while the Saints winning the Super Bowl as a "moment" certainly qualifies, my No. 1 sports moment of the year was the Saints' onside-kick, which gave them the momentum that led to them winning the Super Bowl.

For the record: No. 8 was Isner-Mahut, No. 9 was Joannie Rochette, and No. 10 was Sachin Tendulkar's double-hundred in cricket.

Honestly, I have absolutely no problems with the 10 they picked (although I might not rank Graeme McDowell ahead of the Saints winning the freaking Super Bowl).

But to me, the best sports moment of the year -- and, even more, the greatest moment in NFL history -- was the Saints' onside kick. Still brilliant.

UPDATE: From the Comments, I can't believe I didn't recognize Landon Donovan's goal for the US in the World Cup or Sidney Crosby's goal for Canada in the gold-medal game of the Vancouver Olympics. Both were Top 10 worthy: Bump McDowell and the NFL concussion problem, which wasn't a "moment" (but is obviously a big deal).

-- D.S.


Ell said...

Landon Donovan's kick. I don't think it's close. At least in the US.

Jim said...

What about Sidney Crosby's overtime goal in the Gold Metal game in Vancouver?

James M said...

I would call the Saints' onside kick the best play of the year, but for the best moment, I may have to go with Joannie Rochette. Losing your mother two days before hitting the Olympic ice, and then skating to a Bronze medal on home ice is quite the accomlishment for a young woman of 24 years old.

There will always be great athletes that can pull off great achievements, but there are few who can pull off those achievements while grieving.

Unknown said...

Landon Donovan's goal was enormous, but you do realize you sound like an idiot every time you call something the greatest ever? There are at least 2 mentions on the front page alone.

Unknown said...

Roy Halladays no hitter in the postseason and his perfect game in the regular?