Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Home for A.M. Post

Just a heads-up on some news (or "news"): The signature morning "Quickie" column/post published here every morning will have a new home, starting Monday: On

(That publisher of Quickish is a convincing -- and might I say handsome -- person. Oh, and me. Yes, there's that.)

I can think of no piece of original programming more relevant to anchor a new site built on quick-hit content than the morning column I've been filing every day since... well, since this day a few years ago.

I'm really excited about the new spot -- for obvious reasons, and I hope you will check it out over there -- staying for some of the other stuff that will be going on. (Much like the Sporting News era, I will promote it here and link to the full version over there.)

The content itself should stay mostly the same -- but if there's anything new you want to see, please let me know.

And I will still do posts here on random things that seem interesting -- I might even get back to posting even more than usual.

Really looking forward to Monday.

-- D.S.

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