Saturday, February 26, 2011

02/26 (Very) Quickie

Fun Saturday of college hoops on tap...

*Must-see: BYU at San Diego State at 2 p.m. ET on CBS, both to watch the Jimmer phenomenon, but to see SDSU, which -- if they win out this season -- could get a 1-seed in the NCAA Tourney.

*Carmelo and Knicks lose at Cleveland: On any given night, any team in the NBA can beat any other team -- but this sure felt like wonderful irony, given how this week has gone.

*The Pistons mutiny: It went from the star players having a "sleep-in" and skipping morning practice to Tracy McGrady and others openly mocking coach John Kuester as he was ejected last night, after playing the game with 6 players. Kuester has to be gone, but this team has far bigger problems than that.

*Magic not ready to give up yet? Perhaps energized knowing that designated Howard-stopper Kendrick Perkins has been shipped West, D-12 had 40 on Perk's new team -- the Thunder -- in a Magic win that had few practical implications but sure carried a lot of symbolism.

*NFL Combine: Can we get to some drills already?

*NFL Lockout Watch: The agents wanted to show solidarity with the union, but it's hard to imagine them being much more than self-interested.

*Charlie Weis is getting paid: $2.5M as Florida's offensive coordinator. That's going to be awkward -- not to mention expensive -- when they fire him after two years for not being particularly good. (I'm not bullish on Weis' abilities. Happy to be proven wrong, but still.)

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-- D.S.

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