Tuesday, March 01, 2011

03/01 Quickie: Sheen, Hoops, More

Charlie Sheen has totally taken over everything. I guess that's "winning."

So here's an update to last week's "Charlie Sheen-inspired Fantasy Baseball Team Names" list.

More on the radar today:

*NFL Combine: It's all about LSU CB Patrick Peterson's 40 time. Will he go under 4.3?

*Thunder sign Kendrick Perkins to an extension: Let's give them at least two NBA titles in the next 5 years. Not just because of Perk, but just the whole combo they have there.

*Tony Parker out 2-4 weeks. As long as he's healthy by the playoffs -- that goes for every injury between now and April -- the Spurs are fine.

*College hoops: Pick Texas in the NCAA Tournament to go beyond the first weekend at your own risk. (And Kansas State is a total wild card for the bracket. Could go Elite Eight; could flame out on the first day. Playing amazing right now, though.)

Meanwhile, everyone suddenly making BYU a No. 1 seed makes my prediction that they'll win the entire tournament much less bold. In a season this wide open? Hell, it's almost conventional. (In fact, I'll bet you RIGHT NOW that BYU is Sports Illustrated's pick to win it all.)

*More NBA: I actually found myself riveted to the end of the Nets-Suns game, in part because I wanted to see Deron Williams in his home debut, in part because I'm a huge Steve Nash fan and in part because... well, it was just a really exciting finish. (The Nets? Really? Progress!)

*UConn retires Maya Moore's number. I think she's the best player in UConn history, which puts her up among the greatest women's college hoops players ever.

*Dancing with the Stars: Hines Ward will be participating. You know how I feel about this -- football players have an unbelievable track record on the show, and it would be an upset if Ward DIDN'T make it to the final 3. (Expect big voting numbers from Steelers Nation.)

*Must-See Video: The American U. hoops team released a trick-shot video that is awesome.

More later. Pop by Quickish -- the true test is on the slow news days, which today definitely is. And yet: Quickish is rolling along with all sorts of interesting recommendations and quick-hit analysis. Give it a try!

-- D.S.

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Bryan said...

No mention of ND destorying Villanova...Typical Shanoff...