Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday 04/25 (Busy) Quickie

Read my take on the Knicks getting swept below.

I love how everyone is so fired up for the Celtics-Heat series. I agree: It's going to be more hyped than any series in the 2011 NBA Playoffs, including the Finals.

But what happens when the Celtics win in 4 or 5? Because that's what will happen. This has been the Heat's fate since the night of The Decision.

And so the question is what will be more interminable: The week before the series actually starts... or the discussion of how awesome the series will be when the reality is that it's Boston in a walk?


Chris Paul upends the Lakers: CP3's performance in the playoffs so far is a great reminder that naming "All-NBA" or "MVP" before the Playoffs start is so misguided. For now, hard to think of a more MVP-worthy player than Paul.

NHL: Canucks choke away Game 6, punctuated by benching starting goalie Roberto Luongo to start, then putting him in for the 3rd period and OT, only to watch him let the game-winning, series-tying goal go by, forcing a once-improbable Game 7 on Tuesday with the defending champs, winners of 3 straight and undoubtedly thinking about destiny.

NBA: Heat tripped up by the Sixers. The Sixers are better than most folks think. Then again, the Heat aren't as good as most folks think. Is it a viable thing that the Heat have to put (at least) one more game's worth of mileage on the tires while the Celtics get to relax?

MLB: Roy Halladay fans 14. That is all. Oh, and the Red Sox swept the Angels. The slow start is a distant memory, aside from its crippling impact on Boston's spot in the standings. But give it another 90 games to shake itself out.

NFL Draft: I'm totally excited about the Draft -- I suspect that it will do much better with fans than the haters are saying. It's a break from the labor posturing; it's "real" football (if only on paper/on a podium). So many great storylines. I'm still saying Cam Newton No. 1 to Carolina.

- D.S.

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