Tuesday, May 03, 2011

05/03 (Underdog) Quickie

The common wisdom about playoff series is that they don't really start until the home team loses.

That suggests that this year's NBA conference-semifinals round is already so on. Haven't seen the stat for 3 of 4 road teams winning Game 1s of conference semis, but I have to imagine it's rare.

It's hard not to watch the Mavs and Hawks and -- most of all Grizzlies -- and not think they absolutely can win 4 of 7. Chances are they won't, but if you can win Game 1 on the road, is it so crazy to think they can win 3 more, including 3 shots at home for themselves?

And then there is the Heat-Celtics series. By the definition at the top, it hasn't started yet. Maybe it will tonight -- if the Celtics can split in Miami, it is a psychic blow the Heat might not get over. And even if the Celtics lose, they have two chances at home, not just to even up the series but to reclaim any/all momentum heading back to Miami for Game 5.

So the biggest constant of Game 1s remains: We really don't know very much. But it's fun to see unfold.

On a side note, I just finished a small Quickish project I've been meaning to tend to. I'll throw it out there tomorrow or Thursday for everyone to see. The task involved going back over all Quickish tips tagged "longishreads" -- going back more than 4 months, I was blown away by the amazing stuff I have been lucky enough to showcase and recommend.

Hoping this new little spin-off of Quickish will keep that going.

-- D.S.

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