Thursday, May 19, 2011

05/19 (About The Heat...) Quickie

This is the era we live in -- perhaps the way it has always been: Conventional wisdom one day flip-flops entirely just 48 hours later.

After Game 1 of the Bulls-Heat series: THE HEAT ARE DONE!

After last night's Game 2: THE HEAT SOLVED IT AND WILL WIN!

It's not something to get frustrated about -- again, this is the reality of "instant history" and I have been propagating it (or perhaps merely following fans' interests) for a decade.

The reason why the Heat's win last night DOES qualify for more meaning than most is not just because it came after that Game 1 seeming-beatdown. It is because it came on the road, flipping home-court advantage to the Heat and proving after an "oh-fer" season that Miami can solve Chicago's perceived defense and rebounding advantage.

And so exhort your "THINGS HAVE CHANGED TECTONICALLY" storyline -- right up until the Bulls win one of the next two in Miami. Then we can go round-and-round again.

But that's totally fine. It's what we all do. For now, advantage Heat.


Other things on the radar:

*Canucks go up 2-0: And their fans flash Sharks' players in the penalty box.

*Must-see: Dirk vs. Durant tonight for Mavs-Thunder Game 2.

*NBA Draft Combine: Expect at least one player to get the "Ooh: More athletic than we thought!" tag and, consequently, rise on draft boards.

*Ohio State scandal: It should be unsurprising the school's AD supports Jim Tressel. But let's add that it's not labeled the "dreaded vote of confidence" for nothing.

Lots on Quickish this morning already -- a few choice recommendations on Heat-Bulls -- but scroll down the page to see what you might have missed yesterday afternoon.

-- D.S.

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