Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21 (Rapture) Quickie

Everyone still here? Good.

*I said this over at TimTeblog yesterday: I knew Judgment Day wasn't upon us because Tim Tebow's autobiography doesn't come out for another 10 days. He wouldn't schedule its release after today if he thought he (and the rest of us) would have other plans.

*The lack of an NBA game last night meant that it's a slow morning -- but between the Rapture and the death of Randy Savage, which became an overwhelming sports sensation (mostly because Savage's prime came at a moment when many/most in sports media where impressionable kids),

*The Cubs' return to Fenway after forever was memorable -- one of those things where it kind of doesn't matter that the game itself sort of sucked.

*Preakness: I'm all for an Animal Kingdom win -- the potential for a Triple Crown is the only thing that keeps horse racing relevant -- but it would be beyond absurd/amazing if Mucho Macho Man won.

*Mavs-Thunder Game 3 tonight at 9: Is it me or is it absolutely ridiculous that the Heat and Bulls are taking a full three days between games. Imagine if baseball ran the ALCS or NLCS like this -- the outrage that would be involved. Anyway, fascinating game tonight on a couple levels: Can the Thunder press the newfound home-court advantage? Can the Mavs snatch it back? What happens with Russell Westbrook int he 4th quarter if the game is close? (I have to figure Brooks plays him regardless, even if it costs them the game.) Will Kevin Durant make another poster?

Speaking of Westbrook, I found this amazing animation over at Daily Thunder this morning. Random but awesome.

Enjoy the day. We're all still here and it's a good day to go appreciate your life.

-- D.S.

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WuzUpG said...

There was Sharks beating the Canucks, last night, to elude the Rapture of being down 0-3.