Monday, May 23, 2011

05/23 (Bosh!) Quickie

What we saw last night was the reboot of Chris Bosh's reputation, up 'til this point plenty maligned -- I've been a solid proponent of the "Big Two-and-a-Half" theory, but when Bosh is playing like that (and LeBron and Wade are playing like they did), the Heat are unbeatable.

I love what Tommy Craggs wrote over at Deadspin about Bosh last night:
"I don't go in for all the "Chris Bosh is soft" crypto-gay-baiting. Big men don't all have to be Moses Malone to be useful (remember when Hakeem Olajuwon turned David Robinson inside-out with nothing but fallaway 10-footers?). But what Bosh did yesterday — hitting jump shot after jump shot, finding little seams in the paint, and generally looking like a very elongated version of Ricky Pierce — was soft, as soft as it was deadly, and triply demoralizing as a result. He hung 34 points on Chicago in all, and as a Bulls fan I can report that it was a bit like being smothered with a goose-down throw pillow for three hours."
Meanwhile, in the not-so-crypto-gay-baiting world, there was Joakim Noah shouting "F--k you, f-----t!" at a Heat fan, which was depressing for me in two ways: (1) I hate that kind of talk and (2) I'm a huge Noah fan and thought of all players, the sophisticated Noah would be way above something like that. (I thought the same thing about Kobe, but probably double for Joakim.)

Anyway: With a Bosh breakthrough, I think it's Heat in 6.

Tonight: Thunder-Mavs Game 4 in a must-win for OKC, playing at home down 2-1 in the series. Should be a fun one.

Lance Armstrong on "60 Minutes": Michael Wilbon -- who is turning into a quality value-add follow on Twitter -- set the new conventional wisdom: It is very very very hard to continue to believe Lance Armstrong's denials. Hamilton was simply too credible-sounding, even with the lies in his past (which would be necessary to conduct the initial cover-up anyway).

Must-see video: Kyle Singler's latest trick-shot vid is really well done.

Great "longish" read: The New Yorker on Fred Wilpon, the Mets owner, who either spoke entirely too frankly about his star players or knowingly figured that if he trashed Reyes and Wright and Beltran, it would distract sports fans and media from the bigger story that his franchise's financial situation is a shambles and he really should lose the team.

Lots of great stuff on Quickish today. Pop by and catch up!

-- D.S.

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