Wednesday, May 25, 2011

05/25 (Heat On Brink) Quickie

This morning: Heat vs. Destiny, LeBron James vs. Derrick Rose, Canucks vs. the Stanley Cup Finals, Mike Brown vs. Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds vs. what you think of Barry Bonds, Hines Ward vs. Emmitt Smith and more.

Heat stave off Bulls to take commanding/decisive 3-1 series lead
: And there you have it. The Heat are going to win the East and make the Finals.

LeBron seems unstoppable (particularly when guarding Derrick Rose, who has fallen apart; it's as if LeBron is taking the MVP-vs-MVP thing very very seriously). Wade had a terrible game...right up until he took over. Bosh was solid.

The Bulls are the new Cavs: Built for regular-season success, then stumbling in the playoffs against a team with more star power and experience -- a theme that also runs in the West, with the Mavs putting away the green Thunder. (But Derrick Rose's dunks: Oh my.)

Canucks win West, headed to Stanley Cup: I'm merely a casual hockey fan, but I can get behind a Canadian team in the Cup finals. The game-/series-winning goal is a must-see.

Mavs closing out Thunder tonight? Probably. More opportunities for fans to appreciate Dirk in new ways.

Lakers hiring Mike Brown? The reviews are in, and they are almost universally... "meh." You can only imagine what Kobe is thinking.

Barry Bonds paying for Bryan Stow's kids' college educations: You can dislike Bonds -- you can hate him, frankly -- but you mustmustmust admire what he did here. (And that he didn't look for publicity -- it just sort of leaked out.)

Hines Ward wins "Dancing With the Stars": Continuing the dynasty-like dominance of athletes on that show.

Politics: I'm a sucker for all videos of President Obama playing sports. Here he is playing Ping-Pong in England.

New post on Varsity Dad? Actually, two new posts on Varsity Dad.

-- D.S.

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