Monday, May 30, 2011

05/30 (Memorial Day) Quickie

Special thoughts for everyone who served the country and sacrificed their lives -- either in combat or in the years afterward -- and their families.

Day 4 of "No NBA still?" and Day 3 of "No NHL yet?" -- everyone been catching up on their sleep... or their life?

With the stage all to itself, the Indy 500 had its most exciting finish ever, with rookie JR Hildebrand losing a sure win on the final turn. Watch the insanity here.

That's tough luck for Hildebrand but amazing luck for the sport itself -- nothing is more accessible for the non-fan than an epic choke. The four best words for a struggling league are "DID YOU SEE THAT?"

NASCAR had a similar finish last night, with Dale Jr. in the lead in the last lap, then running out of gas and watching the field pass him by in the last quarter of the track. Watch that here.

Luke Donald is the best golfer in the world.

Tom Watson is the oldest ever to win a senior major -- fair question: Can you imagine Tiger playing (and winning senior major tournaments) in his early 60s? I can't.

Huge congratulations to Northwestern women's lacrosse, which beat Maryland in the NCAA title game to win its 6th national title in the last 7 years (after losing to Maryland in last year's title game). There is no better dynasty in sports right now than NU's women's LAX team.

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-- D.S.

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