Wednesday, June 01, 2011

06/01 (Heat FTW) Quickie

It's over.

Is it too early to say it's over? Because it's over. Oh, the Mavs might win a few games in Dallas, but after last night's spectacle, it is hard to think they can win 4 over these Heat.

Maybe those 3s don't go down for LeBron and Wade in future games -- maybe Dallas (particularly its bench) figures out how to shoot (or stop shooting... Jason Terry.)

But the Heat's defense appears relentless. And the stars -- yes, Bosh too -- are clicking, as they have been for the past month. By the end, the Heat were clowning the Mavs.

This is the new reality: Heat as champs. More that that, Heat as champs for a while. So settle in. Last night is the first of another dozen or so wins just like it over the next 3-4 years.

-- D.S.

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