Monday, June 06, 2011

06/06 (Advantage: Heat) Quickie

Get over to Quickish to catch up on last night's game and everything else from the weekend. Meanwhile: Let's get to it...

Heat win Game 3: Dwyane Wade was phenomenal. Chris Bosh was good enough. And this LeBron "shrinking" meme is ludicrous -- none of this works without him.

Meanwhile, it's yet another game that the Mavericks coulda-shoulda-woulda won, and when they lose the series, they'll look back and say "If only..."

Nadal d. Federer in French Open final
: The big discussion today is Nadal's rising place on the "all-time" list. That he's even in the discussion should be good enough.

Albert Pujols: That is all.

Plaxico Burress freed from prison: He was wearing a Phillies cap, which was clearly intentional -- Philly is where Mike Vick landed, and they could use him.

West Virginia crazy: So that story about WVU coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen getting busted at casinos for being drunk and disorderly? Apparently the leaks came from the current coach, who apparently kind of resents the "in-waiting" thing.

MLB Draft today: UCLA P Gerritt Cole is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick by the Pirates, but there is no Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg mega-star in this year's field.

Olympic rights bidding presentations: NBC/Comcast vs. Fox vs. ESPN, in Switzerland. Can't even begin to guess who will win, but suffice to say these folks are playing chess where the rest of us kind of muddle along playing checkers.

Lots more to come today on Quickish. Pop by!

-- D.S.

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