Tuesday, June 07, 2011

06/07 (Zip Around) Quickie

*Bruins thump Canucks: Sure feels like one of those beatings that complete flips a series, but small sample size... yada yada yada... let's wait until Game 4 is over.

*Warriors hire Mark Jackson: He might be the next Doc Rivers, but even Doc Rivers wasn't Doc Rivers until he had three Hall of Famers and the best assistant coach in basketball. That's not Jackson's situation with the Warriors; the "no previous coaching experience, head or otherwise" is the reason to be skeptical here.

*MLB Draft: So different from the NFL or NBA Drafts, where the impact at the top can be instantaneous. Most of these top players won't see the MLB level until 2013 at the earliest. That's a long way to go. Good thing we have...

*Bryce Harper Watch: After clocking a HR off a team that beaned him two days ago, Harper blew a kiss at the opposing pitcher, endearing him to no one. I don't mind the showmanship (or lack of sportsmanship) because this is obviously just who Harper is. He should be ready for the blowback, though. I'm sure the Nationals are trying to figure out how to mitigate the PR damage -- while secretly thrilled he keeps making national news as a single-A player.

*USC stripped of 2004 BCS title: I'm in the "let's not leave it vacated -- let's give it to Auburn." And I think the AP is derelict -- not to mention going against its stated goal of "not making the news itself" -- by not having the old voters re-vote. I think that would be tremendous in an otherwise slow offseason.

*West Virginia football coaching mess: Seriously, WTF? There's no way current head coach Bill Stewart can make it through this. And I suspect WVU can fire him for cause, thus voiding the hefty remainder of his deal. (Or, at the very least, settle for a figure way less than paying him out in full, if they simply fired him as they seem to want to.) Dana Holgorsen might be a flawed guy, but I think everyone is ready to see what he can do as a head coach. Let's get it going already.

*NFL planning for 8-game season? No, not "planning" as in "that's what it's going to be," but "planning" as in "contingency." And, frankly, let's be pragmatic: An 8-game season is better than a zero-game season. Would make for an insane sprint for the playoffs -- can you imagine how insane fans will have become without NFL in September and October?

*Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton resigns: Too little, too late.

*Michael Crabtree isn't sure about Alex Smith as 49ers QB: Who isn't? (This is news?)

*NBA Finals Game 4 tonight: Needless to say, it's a must-win for the Mavs.

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