Monday, June 13, 2011

06/13 (Mavs Win! Heat Lose!) Quickie

There is a lot to say about how the NBA Finals ended last night. A lot of praise for the Mavs. A lot of schadenfreude for the Heat.

I would love to have a grand unifying theory -- the alternative is to try to do justice to the myriad angles. I'm working on it.

For now, I have spent the past few hours curating the best early takes on the Mavs and the Heat for Quickish -- combined with the instant reactions from late last night (Tweets, photos and more), the result on Quickish is particularly strong today.

So please give it a look. I have even set up a special feed -- found here: -- that updates as soon as I have entered a new recommendation, even if it doesn't post on the front page until later this morning.

So please check it out, pass it around (post it on Facebook, tweet it out, email it to friends, show a co-worker or classmate) and pop by throughout the day for more. Thanks!

-- D.S.

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