Thursday, June 16, 2011

06/16 (Riot) Quickie

The post-game riot in Vancouver sort of eclipsed the Bruins' winning the Stanley Cup, didn't it?

Have to say: I thought that picture of Mark Cuban at the urinal holding the NBA championship trophy while peeing was going to be the photo of the year, or at least the month... or at least the week.

And then there was that photo of the couple making out on the ground during the riot, with riot police in the foreground of the picture. It has mesmerized fans everywhere.

So some fans in Vancouver are dopes. And it is heartening to see people (and authorities) taking to Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter to try to ID some of the more dickish (and criminal) ones so they can be held accountable.

Meanwhile, let's not take away from the (entirely fair) triumphalism emanating from Boston and Boston sports fans around the nation, so many of whom have been rooting for the Bruins for at least 8 weeks.

I'm no Boston sports fan (except for my man-crushes on Theo Epstein and Bill Belichick), but I can totally root for Bruins goalie Tim Thomas -- any athlete who is my age and can perform at such a high level (not to mention the circuitous path he took to stardom) is OK by me.

And so Boston sports enjoys some sort of "grand slam" of pro titles in a mere 7 years -- NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL -- with another Red Sox title on the way (and possibly another Pats title). Would the rest of the country please step up?


*LeBron vs. "Hate": I'm going on's live video show at 3 ET today and I hope we'll get to talk about this. I really do think it is entirely overblown, and not even 96 hours removed from the Heat losing on Sunday night, the story is already in the rear-view (until next May or June or so).

*US Open: I grew up in Bethesda, so I have a particular affinity for the tournament being played there -- although I'm glad I'm not in the area right now to battle the congestion. Sounds like the Congressional C.C. folks made 18 a monster, which will help the drama. But no Tiger means a substantial drop-off in interest from all but the most avid golf fans. (Sort of like if the Heat hadn't made it to the NBA Finals.)

*NBA Draft a week away, and my Wizards are in the mix with the most intriguing rumor-mongering: Swapping the No. 6 pick plus freakishly athletic (yet monumentally dumb) center JaVale McGee for the No. 2 pick, presumably Derrick Williams, who could team with John Wall to form the Durant-Westbrook of the East. It's a lot to pay for Williams, but I'm coming around.

So many great things on Quickish today -- lots of Bruins title/Canucks riot stuff this morning, with plenty of great recommendations coming throughout the day. Please check it out (and pass it on to your friends and colleagues).

-- D.S.

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