Monday, June 20, 2011

06/20 (Rory) Quickie

There is the Big thing about Rory McIlroy and there is the Bigger thing.

The Big thing is the storyline of Rory -- and he claimed "first-name-only" sports-star status this past weekend -- coming back from the Masters collapse to obliterate the field in Bethesda. That, on its own, is a fairly huge sports story in 2011; I'd rank it in the Top 5.

The Bigger thing is the void in golf left behind by Tiger's implosion and subsequent on-course mediocrity (let alone his absence at the US Open) that Rory has filled up, with a vibe that is fairly labeled "anti-Tiger" on a lot of levels:

Rory is young (Tiger is old). Rory is healthy (Tiger is not). Rory is fresh-faced (Tiger sexts a half-dozen women other than his ex-wife). Rory has that "easy" swing without a ton of childhood pressure (Tiger comes across as mechanical in his swing-adjustment strategies). Rory seems like a good guy (Tiger seems like kind of a jerk). Rory is a champion (Tiger is a distant former champ).

Golf fans and sports fans needed a "new Tiger" and Rory is a perfect candidate. He may or may not fulfill his potential -- Tiger's 20s represent the greatest stretch by any golfer ever, including Nicklaus -- but for now, he is more than enough: Rory isn't the next Tiger; he is the anti-Tiger.


MLB: How can you not love octogenarian Jack McKeon coming back to the Marlins? If Florida wasn't going to contend -- and they aren't -- being interesting isn't a bad alternative.

Pujols injured: Ack! I'm scheduled to see the Cards play the Rays in Tampa during July 4 weekend; I sure hope Pujols can play. I'm not holding my breath.

NBA Draft: I'm not sold on Kyrie Irving as an elite NBA PG -- he's no Rose or Wall, and I'm not even sure he's that much better than Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker.

And so I totally buy the idea of the Cavs using their No. 1 pick on the draft's best player available -- Derrick Williams -- then their No. 4 pick on Knight or Walker.

Father's Day: Spent most of the day with Mrs. Quickish's extended family, then the late-afternoon in an airplane row with my two kids, the 5-year-old asleep leaning on my shoulder and the 2-year-old clenching my hand for a little in-air security to go with his blankie. All in all, not a bad way to spend the last few hours of Father's Day.

-- D.S.

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