Tuesday, June 21, 2011

06/21 (Midweek-ish) Quickie

I am a huge NBA Draft junkie, so the next 72 hours or so are a bit antsy for me. Tomorrow, I'll have a list of prospects I'm high on and prospects who I think will be a bust.


Albert Pujols: Him being out 4-6 weeks isn't enough to derail the Cards' playoff chances, but they might just be enough for him and the team to come to a deal. All for that development.

Oregon football: I like the way Spencer Hall put it -- they are either cheating or impossibly stupid, for paying $25,000 for an out-dated scouting report from a "recruiting expert" who happened to have a close connection to a top-ranked RB who ended up in Eugene.

Wimbledon: Love the Isner-Mahut rematch today, but while you're waiting for that, Grantland has a fabulous read from Run Of Play's Brian Phillips about Roger Federer. You'd think we were all tapped out of great writing about Federer, but Phillips delivers.

NFL Lockout: Big meeting today with owners evaluating the latest CBA proposal -- there will be no vote, but there will certainly be a temperature taken about whether there are enough naysayers to scuttle a potential deal.

(Big NBA lockout meeting, too, but it feels like this doesn't have nearly the urgency yet.)

Dodgers mess: Good for MLB for rejecting the team's cynical TV deal with Fox. Keep squeezing McCourt right out of the team. Among Bud Selig's other legacies, this one would be a pretty good one (only sort of making up for selling the team to McCourt to begin with).

Lots of great reads at Quickish today. Check 'em out all day long!

-- D.S.

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