Saturday, July 30, 2011

07/30 (Nnamdi) Quickie

I tweeted this last night: "My favorite part of Nnamdi-to-Philly: In an age where no deal goes spoiler-free, we can still get a genuine, where'd-that-come-from shock"

We can still regularly be surprised by things that happen on the field, but off the field, it's almost always telegraphed way in advance, broken by increasingly well-sourced reporting.

So when something like Asumugha going to the Eagles happens -- totally unexpected (Philly was never mentioned as a player) -- it is delightful, even if you're not an Eagles fan.

I think the Eagles were already a Super Bowl contender. I appreciate the "instant-history" being applied in arguing they are now the TOP contender to win it all, but I'll still take the Packers.


*I kind of love that the Eagles added Vince Young, too -- they have shown themselves to be excellent with (a) reclamation-project QBs and (b) developing back-ups QBs.

*MLB Trade Mania: Good for the Phillies, going after it by trading solid prospects for Hunter Pence, matching the Giants (with Beltran) stride-for-stride. Next up: Ubaldo to the Yanks or Sox?

*Lost in the flurry of NFL player signings: How awesome is it that the rookies are signing so easily? Cam Newton signed yesterday; when was the last time a No. 1 overall pick signed without ANY drama?

*Pujols gets 2000th hit: If he stays healthy (certainly an "if"), getting to 3000 hits in the next 6 years is almost assured, with 3,515 -- one more than Tris Speaker's spot at No. 5 in the Top 5 all-time -- absolutely reasonable. (Just looking over the MLB all-time hits list, I think I didn't recognize that Eddie Murray didn't just get 3,000 hits, but more than 3,200.)

Lots more from yesterday -- reactions to Asumugha and Pence deals, some great "longish" reads for your weekend -- over at Quickish. Give it a look!

-- D.S.

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