Monday, August 01, 2011

08/01 (August Already?) Quickie

Let's be clear: The NFL's condensed sprint for player moves was the best version of the NFL offseason (not the Draft, just the free-agency stuff) in the history of the league.

The "offseason champs" are, clearly, the Eagles: Nnamdi Asumugha was merely the capper to what was, overall, a spectacular haul of incoming talent.

(Again, it's unclear they have done enough to unseat the Packers as the ultimate Super Bowl favorites, but they will certainly make the season more interesting, especially if they keep calling themselves a "dream team" and comparing themselves to the Heat.)

Good inside scoop on the Asumugha deal in Peter King's MMQB column today, but there's another note tucked in the column:

ESPN is launching a new stat to replace the traditional (and mystifying) "QB Rating" called "Totall Quarterback Rating" that will be fascinating to see -- QB Rating was desperate for a refresh, and I love the idea of something new with a big platform to get fans to buy into.

MLB Trade Deadline: There seems to be a consensus of two big winners -- the Rangers added two top-flight middle relievers who will become lights-out if the Rangers take a lead past the 6th inning in the playoffs (which is the only reason to make these moves, right?) And the Braves didn't have to overpay to get a huge upgrade at CF in Michael Bourn, who gets huge thumbs-up from the more analytical folks out there. (Far more than Pence gets for the Phillies.)

The Yankees stood pat: This appears to be a problem. That said, unclear how many folks actually think the Yankees can win the AL pennant anyway. The Red Sox got Erik Bedard, and -- not unlike the Patriots -- you totally expect him to start dominating with his new team (even if his recent history shows that to be a sketchy thesis).

Tons more on Quickish today. Give it a look! (This weekend, we crossed 10,000 tips since launching in January. Fun milestone.)

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