Wednesday, August 03, 2011

08/03 (More Durant) Quickie

I can't help it: I'm obsessed with the bootleg videos of Kevin Durant schooling folks in New York City this week. Two nights ago it was Rucker Park. Last night, it was another Pro-Am.

I'm no fan of baseball's "code": That Tony LaRussa was more interested in throwing at Ryan Braun (twice!) with the game still in the balance than actually winning was absurd. I don't think the Brewers meant to throw at Pujols' wrist; the Cards very much meant to throw at Braun -- twice.

Name to Know: Paul Goldschmidt, the D'backs rookie vaulted from AA to starting 1B, who hit his first career HR last night (off Tim Lincecum, no less) to help Arizona pull even with the Giants.

Eagles sign Ronnie Brown? Why not?! I'm no Eagles fan -- alas, I remain team-less as it relates to the NFL (except for rooting for ol' what's-his-name in Denver) -- but I love the talent stockpile; it makes them the most interesting NFL team in years, if only for the layers and layers of storylines they include.

This week in facial hair: Tiger's little chin-hair thing looks ridiculous. And I'm pro-facial hair almost always. In this case, though, it just looks like he's trying too hard.

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-- D.S.

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